Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are the terrible twos starting early?

Dear goodness...My darling girl threw a fit in Ross today! She has never done anything like that before, I have no idea what came over her. Here's what happened:

I need a few things to wear for our upcoming Thanksgiving trip to visit my husbands family. I feel guilty spending money on clothes for myself, so I decided to go to Ross and check out what they had. I've found some pretty good stuff there in the past. So, I loaded up the kiddos and the double stroller and was on my way.

When we first got there, the kids were pretty good. Hanging out in the stroller, drinking their juice. My daughter even made friends with a little boy who was there with his Mom. (She's quite the flirt) They were so good while I was browsing through the sweater dresses that I decided to stroll on back to the toy section to see if I could find them a little something to play with and buy myself a little more time. I really needed a couple of cute tops.

The first thing I saw was a Megablocks dump truck. Perfect! It was only $7.00 and My little man is totally into megablocks. Well, apparently my darling girl has decided that she is now into megablock dump trucks as well, because she started screaming while I was trying to find her a toy. I was hoping that her little tantrum was only because Brother had something and she didn't. Not so much. I found her this really cute toy hair dryer and she threw it on the floor and screamed louder. At this point people were starting to stare. She then ripped the truck out of Brother's hands and was happy. But now my little man was upset, so he started crying. We were then a complete spectacle!

Thank God there was another dump truck because I needed two! Then they each had one. Problem solved...or so I thought . Every time Brother even looked in her direction, my darling girl screamed. Not a little scream, oh no, blood curdling screams. I practically ran for the checkout where I had to pry the dump trucks out of my maniac children's hands so the poor girl could scan them, paid, and ran out the door.

You want to know what my rotten/darling girl did when I put her in the car. She gave me a big kiss and a smile and then sang all the way home. How in the world will I ever figure her out?

On the upside, I did manage to get two pretty cute tops, and two identical megablocks dump trucks.

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