Monday, January 17, 2011

Lighting your fitness fire

How many times have you said "I'm going to exercising" and only made one workout? Being in the fitness world, I have heard every excuse in the book for not exercising. I don't have time, my foot hurts, I don't want to have to take another shower, I hate running, exercise doesn't work for me...I could go on and on. I've even used some of these myself. Hey, no one is perfect. But I think what it all boils down to is motivation. If you are motivated to get something done, you generally find a way to do it. This is not a statement I make lightly. I realize that exercise is not everyone's favorite thing to do, but unfortunately it is a necessary evil to staying healthy.

Health is my main motivation. I have the opportunity to be healthy. What do I mean by the opportunity? Well, my Uncle recently passed away from melanoma. It is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer and he fought it for 2 years. He was only 49 years old when he passed. This is a man who lived life to the fullest. He was a successful business man, a pilot, went sky diving and jet skiing, was all together very active. He led a healthy lifestyle and was beaten by what started as a small sore on the side of his face. During the last 2 years of his life he would have given anything to be able to step outside and go for a run, to have control over his body and his health.

I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to be healthy that I can't pass on my workout. I can't stop before I've met my mileage goal. I don't mean to get preachy, but I'm pretty passionate about some things...

This is what works for me, it may be something different that lights your fitness fire. Skinny jeans? Running a 5k? Upcoming event that you want to look amazing for? Getting off medications? Inspiring your family?

What keeps you motivated??

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